Bad Credit Repair Hype Costs New York Woman $4,378.00!

Bad credit repair is damn expensive when you make the kind of mistakes Jamie Berber of New York committed.

Jamie couldn’t wait for A+ credit.

That’s what the sales page promised her. She bought their credit repair package for $99.95 that included template dispute letters.

The directions said all Jamie had to do was fill in a couple blanks, stuff and address the envelopes & mail them regular mail. She didn’t even have to “waste” money sending certified, return receipt requested.

That’s exactly what Jamie did.

She jumped on those pesky collection accounts with debt collectors calling her daily, demanding she borrow from friends, family, whomever. Pay or else, she heard daily. When Jamie discovered the credit repair sales site, she barely could hold back her excitement.

This was the answer to her prayers. Jamie’s husband didn’t like the sound of the sales letter. He thought it sounded too good to be true.

How could some fill-in-the-blank template dispute letters be any good, he reasoned.

Jamie’s desperation blocked all reason and her husband’s appeals.

This was Jamie’s problem – accounts from life before getting married 7 years ago. That was all about to change once she fired off these special dispute letters. Many other people, the sales letter promised, already had regained their good credit life once they too fired off these special letters.

That’s all Jamie needed to hear.

Jamie knew nothing about the strategy involved in improving her own credit. She wasn’t interested in strategy, either. She, like many, many other people, wanted to press the credit repair easy button and watch her credit issues disappear.

Therefore, Jamie never saw the storm on the horizon.

She fired off dispute letters on 7 bad credit accounts.

Quickly, 2 accounts disappeared off her reports, deleted according to the bureau response notices.

That’s where the good times ended.

1. Jamie didn’t know about statute of limitations. 2. Jamie didn’t know that debt collectors couldn’t threaten her with lawsuit or arrest under Federal Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). If what Jamie said was true about the debt collectors, the debt collectors appeared to commit several violations. 3. Jamie didn’t know about time-barred debt when 2 different debt collectors sued her and forced her to agree to cough up $4,378.00 or face the judge. 4. Jamie didn’t consult an attorney, because she said she didn’t have the money to afford an attorney. 5. Jamie also didn’t know that paying debt collectors does not improve credit scores.

Jamie got sucked unto a convincing credit repair sales letter sounding too good to be true and leading her to take action prematurely. Jamie paid dearly for her hastiness.

1. She bought into a hyped-up sales letter from someone pretenting to be a credit repair expert. 2. She believed template dispute letters actually work – so she fired off a bunch of them. 3. She paid a whopping $99.95 for “killer” template dispute letters requiring her only to fill in some blanks. 4. In return, Jamie’s costly mistakes forced her to pay $4,378.00. Worst of all, Jamie’s facts suggested she would not have had to pay even one penny if she had known about “time-barred” debt.

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