Bank Accounts for Bad Credit 101

Unemployment, illness, and unexpected tragedies cause many people to be a position of having bad credit. Once your credit rating drops low it, it is hard to bring it back up. There are bank accounts for folks with bad credit that can help you manage your finances while rebuilding your credit. Combining a current basic account with a prepaid credit builder credit card is a great way to get back on track with your credit.

Current Basic Accounts

This type of account is true to its name. It is very basic and doesn’t have many frills. It does offer direct debit and a debit card. Energy companies like direct debit payments and this can save you money on your energy costs. Setting up direct debits to pay all of your bills will help you manage your money better so you can start paying down your debt. Basic accounts do not offer overdraft, cheques, or pay interest. All you need to get a basic account is proof of residence and a proper ID.

Credit Builder Credit Card

This is a card that is designed to help rebuild your credit. The cards have set limits and you must show that you can stay under that amount and faithfully pay your bill each month. Apply for one of these cards only if you feel certain that you will not abuse it and will manage it responsibly. It is important to realize that if you exceed your credit limit or do not make your payments on time, it will be reflected in your credit history. Pay your bill in full every month, and do not make cash withdrawals. The interest rate on these cards is very high. Once you credit ratings improves, request a better rate.

Secured Credit Card

When you apply for a secured card you must deposit cash with the credit card issuer. The amount of cash you deposit is normally the amount your credit limit will be. The money stays with the card issuer as a security deposit in the event you do not make your payments. You must pay your bill each month on whatever amount you use. It is not deducted from your deposit like a prepaid credit card is. All payments and non-payments are reported to the CRAs. Look for a secured card with low fees.

Manage Your Spending

Most people will admit the reason they are looking for a bank account for bad credit is because they are addicted to spending. Do not buy things you cannot afford. Learn t save money until you can afford to buy things. Your bills must always be paid first. Do not cash your check and go shopping first. Pay the rent or mortgage, the energy bill, buy food, and pay other bills. Say no to the latest technology toy, and save any money left after bills for an unexpected expense that may occur later.

Learn To Live Within A Budget

When creating a budget, the first items listed are the things you cannot live without, such as shelter, electricity, gas, food, and then everything else. Most people get into credit problems because they didn’t know how to manage money, and when he the very first credit card was received it was treated like a toy. Purchases were made for things that were not needed, and the bill added up fast. Soon the only payment being made each month was the minimum required amount. Interest starts adding up at that point, and the bill grows larger and larger. Before long the minimum monthly payment has grown and everything is spinning out of control. That same scenario cannot continue if you ever hope to re-establish good credit. The things that you need each month are those things that provide shelter, warmth, and food. The expensive electronic gadgets, tablets, computers, and smart phones can wait for a day when all the bills are paid and there is “extra” money to purchase something you want more than need.

You can repair your credit no matter how badly damaged it is. Special current bank accounts for bad credit, as well as prepaid and secured credit cards are tools to help you with the job of repairing your credit. Use the tools wisely along with some common sense and you will find you are able to restore your credit.

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