There’s a lot of credit repair software coming available and this is confusing consumers. If you’re one of many million s of people who are interested in learning the best way to fix credit, you need more than some inexpensive trick software that doesn’t preform like it is advertised.

How can this appertain to credit repair software? With all the conflicting information, with the different scoring used by the reporting agencies, you need a credit repair software that addressees all this. You need a software that will dig deep into the credit bureau’s thinking and give you good information. Lastly, you need software that works.

Some of this software has been created by software companies and this is fine, but do they know anything about credit? Do these engineers know the mind-set of credit reporting bureau’s? Naturally not. You want software made by folks who are in the credit reporting arena. You want to be able to use software that knows what to look for.

Since I’m in the credit correction business, selling credit repair software made by reporting agencies, I offer my theory on what I might need with credit repair software.

1. Trust and security. I want software that is stored on a secure server. Not like something I buy at the store and install on my home computer, I do not need my credit info on my home PC. The majority aren’t tech savvy and hackers are everywhere. I need my information stored somewhere else and I need to be well placed to access it through my computer using a password.

2. Access. I need 24-7 access to my credit file. I do not wish to have to wait for staff to arrive and turn on the lights. I do not want to wait for any person because I might need to work on my credit at 3 AM or on the weekend. I want access when it is convenient for me.

three. Simple. I have seen credit reports and it’s like reading hieroglyphics. I do not talk Egyptian and I do not do geek codes so give me a credit score that I can understand. Give me the tale in plain language and don’t be afraid to use some color for contrast. I know my credit needs help, that’s the reason why I have credit repair software so give me the story so I’ll digest it.

4. Comprehensive. I desire all 3 credit reports in one. Lenders get tri-merge reports, why can’t I? I don’t want to leaf through each credit history searching for information. Blend them for easy use and to save me time.

5.Errors. Credit fixing software is no good unless it’ll dig around to find errors in my file. How can the programme do this if there isn’t any direct accessibility to my credit reports? This is one more reason I do not desire anything stored on my computer. I want current, online credit reports. Make sure I also get credit scores too.

6. Dispute. I will doubtless need to write an argument letter to challenge some reporting gaffes. If the credit repair software can already uncover errors, why can it not write the argument letter for me? Sorry, but I don’t have any idea where Equifax is found nor do I care. If I write my dispute letter let me know what to say and let me know where to send it. Better yet , write the letter for me so all I should do is sign and mail.

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