Everything About Airline Miles Reward Credit Cards

If you think that you are a good candidate for a credit card with airline miles rewards, the next question to consider is, Which airline miles credit card is right for you? Search the market and you’ll find a number of credit card issuers offering a wide variety of airline miles reward programs. Since each program entails varying terms, what factors should you consider before making your final choice?

2 Types of Airline Miles Reward Credit Cards

Basically, airline miles credit cards are categorized in two groups – the airline-sponsored credit card and the bank-sponsored credit cards. Both of these credit cards offer customers the chance to fly for free but the procedures and the rules differ, depending on the type of card you prefer.

For instance, a credit card that is sponsored by an airline company usually offer bigger rewards than bank-sponsored cards. Why so? This is because airline companies partner with credit card issuers to boost their marketing performance in the market. By offering free airline tickets to credit cardholders, an airline can actually boost its sales and enhance its marketing image.

For those who usually travel with the same airline or carrier, a credit card sponsored by their favorite airline is definitely a great choice because you can collect more reward points at a sooner time. Add to this, you can enjoy exclusive privileges that are only offered by your airline. Nevertheless, you can only redeem your free flight from the sponsoring airline.

What about airline miles reward credit cards that are sponsored by banks? These credit cards are not tied-up with any specific airline or company so that the reward points tend to low. However, once you have collected sufficient number of miles, the reward points you earn can be redeemed from any available airline.

If you often book your flights from different carriers or airlines, depending on your destination, it is recommended that you choose a bank-sponsored airline rewards credit card. Because it is not affiliated with any airline, you can have the freedom to choose when it’s time to redeem your reward points.

Comparing the Pros and Cons

Before signing up for a travel reward credit card, consider the pros and cons associated with your choice. Ask, how much do you need to spend to keep your travel reward credit card active? What are the specific fees that you need to know? How much is the interest rate and how is it calculated?

See to it that you understand the exact rules of the reward program and that the process of earning rewards is suitable with your lifestyle. While the advertisements may all promise you the chance to fly for free, remember that the process of earning points may not be that easy. The key to choosing the right airline miles reward credit card is taking the time to compare your choices. More importantly, read and study the conditions of the reward credit card you plan to choose. Once you have made your choice that should be the only time you fill-out and submit your credit card application.

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