How do I repair my credit after bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can greatly impair your credit. However, it is not irreparable. You can take steps to recover it and achieve healthier credit scores. Start with the basics until you develop the habit of maintaining a good standing.

Here are some tips to get you back on your feet:

Ask for your credit reports and check for any inconsistency

It is bad enough that your bankruptcy will stay on your record for 10 years so you must take steps to make sure that your financial reports do not have any more bad news for your creditors. The report may contain inconsistencies and even false entries so asking for a copy and examining it yourself would help you verify its accuracy. Monitoring activities affecting your credit score would also increase your awareness on your spending and borrowing and spending habits. If you are aware of your financial activities, you may modify some practices to ensure that you only incur debts which you can afford to pay so you can avoid similar problems in the future.

Make diligent payments to your nine-bankruptcy accounts and current creditors

These payments can help repair your credit score and negate some of the bad items in your report. The same way, you should pay your current creditors of your debt on time so you can avoid adding more bad credits.

Decrease your credit card balances and be cautious in applying for a new line

A low balance on your MasterCard or Visa can improve your score. Being careful in applying for new credit will help regulate your incurrence of debt. If you regulate the amount of your debt it would be easier for you to pay them on time. Also, if you always apply for it and most of the time you are denied, it can look bad on your record and cause creditors to be wary of you.

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