More Ways to Make Money in the Credit Crunch

When the economy is slow and every household bill is on the rise, it pays to see where you can generate more income from. Our top ten tips shown below will see your income rise and stress levels fall.

1. Recycle your old mobile Many of us have an old mobile phone gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, but you could easily turn it into cash, even if it is slightly damaged. Websites such as, and will tell you how much your phone is worth. A Nokia N73, for example, could fetch around 40.

2. Sell your skills We all have skills and talents so why not use these to make a few extra quid. -If you spent years of your life being marched to piano lessons, put the experience to good use in adulthood by advertising your services in the local newspaper as a music teacher, says Laura Howard in her book,’s 100 Ways to Beat the Credit Crunch. “Just three hour-long lessons a week could see you up to 60 better off, not to mention the sense of satisfaction you will get. The same applies for languages.”

3. Be a Film extra If you fancy seeing yourself on screen, film and TV companies are always on the hunt for extras. You could make up to 150 a day and get the chance to meet some famous actors. You’ll need to join an agency first, details of one near you can be found at

4. Rent your home to film makers Hollywood can come to your home too, provided you have the right location. If you live in an interesting property, you could bag upwards of 1,000 a day renting your home to film and TV companies. Ideal locations must have large rooms, good parking facilities and understanding neighbours. Ordinary homes are wanted too.

5. Model your child While every parent thinks their child is a star, model agencies could think so too. If you think your little one has what it takes, the first step is to contact an agency to ask about their requirements. You will be asked to send in a head and shoulders photo of your child, either by post or email.

If your child stands out, you’ll both be invited for an interview, to assess if your child is right for TV, photo or film. Depending on the child’s age, shoots pay upwards 50 an hour, but bear in mind that agencies can charge up to 25% commission.

6. Surveys that pay The web also offers a wealth of balance-boosting opportunities. Survey websites such as, and will all reward you for your opinions, either through cash or reward vouchers.

Once you’ve registered on the website, you’ll be sent surveys tailored to your personal profile, ranging from 10p to 2 per survey.

7. Earn from web research Any Question Answered (, and are often on the lookout for internet researchers. Once a customer asks a question through their mobile phone, it’s the researcher’s job to hunt out the answer and reply online. You can choose your own hours and the questions you answer, and can earn around 30p for every question you answer correctly.

8. Review music Budding Simon Cowells amongst us should check out, a music website that pays users to review unsigned bands. The idea is simple: you sign up, listen to a track, rate it and write an honest review. You’ll get 5p per review, but the more reviews you make the more you can charge – experienced reviewers can command 25p per song.

-If you’re a dedicated reviewer, you can earn some decent pocket money, some users have earned in excess of 1,000,- says David Courtier-Dutton, the founder of

9. Medical experiments Volunteering for clinical trials doesn’t just have to involve taking untested and risky drugs. Some clinical trials are perfectly safe, such as sleep studies, psychological tests and taste testers. Fit and healthy volunteers living in London willing to donate their blood for clinical research, for example, could be paid 60 a time.

But remember, never sign up for anything you are not happy with – risking your health for a few extra pounds is just not worth it. Go to for trials in your area.

10. Join the TA If you’re brave and committed enough to sign up, the Territorial Army is always looking for recruits. You would need to give up one weekend a month, attend an annual two-week camp for basic training and be ready to be called to active service.

Basic pay starts at about 35 a day, but can rise to approximately 120. And, if you complete your minimum commitment of five years, you receive an annual tax-free bonus – which can be as much as 1,500. Go to for details.

Lisa Mills runs two websites, one selling baby gifts and the other promoting childrens gift baskets.

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