Prepaid Credit Cards – Explained!

Say hello to the newest addition to the plastic fantastic family, the Pre Paid Credit Cards! Providing a huge range of consumers with the facility to own a zero risk credit card to suits their needs!

So you like the idea of having a credit card but you’re unsure if you’ll qualify? Perhaps you’ve had past credit problems, a poor credit file, or have no secure income with which to apply? Alternatively, maybe you want the security of having a credit card in case of emergency, but without the risk of overspending or spiralling interest?

Well there’s an answer to suit you! Pre paid credit cards are a great way to get your hands on a credit card without any of the associated risk. These cards work on the same principle as a standard credit card but with one major difference. Pre paid credit cards have to be loaded with funds before you can spend on them, which eliminates the possibility of getting into financial trouble. Simply top up your card and away you go! Most of the major industry players offer these type of cards for customers who might otherwise find it difficult to get a credit card elsewhere. There’s no need for a credit check and there’s no interest charges either!

However some providers do charge a small fee, sometimes as a one off issuing charge, to open your account. Pre paid credit cards are accepted everywhere regular cards are, which makes them very useful to have in your wallet or purse. They’re also a great way for those without regular cards to make purchases safely over the telephone or online. You can find out more about pre paid credit cards by visiting us here.

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