Primary Trade Lines Credit Enhancement

Even though there are many types of credit accounts (aka primary trade lines) out there for consumers, there are few for those with bad credit. Those who are looking for credit enhancement only have a few options available, one of which is a credit account that does not generate an inquiry. This type of credit account can help you to enhance your credit rating, as it helps you build your credit without a credit inquiry or deposit.

Our primary trade lines look and work just like traditional credit accounts, although they do not add an inquiry to your credit report. They are also ideal for those who have had a divorce or illness, or for those who simply dont qualify for a line of credit due to lack of credit history. These credit accounts show banks that you are able to pay your monthly payments, and that you are taking the initiative to establish a positive payment history. Over time, if you remain diligent and pay your trade line accounts on time, lenders may offer you unsecured credit cards – known as standard credit accounts, which require no deposit.

Just like other credit accounts, our primary trade line accounts do have disadvantages that can hit you like a ton of bricks should you use them irresponsibly. Anytime you dont pay your bill on time, you will be reported delinquent to the credit bureaus. If you pay your bill on time though, you wont have to worry about having late payments added to your credit files.

For those who have slow payments, charge-offs, a bankruptcy or simply need to start building credit, our primary trade line accounts are a great place to start. These accounts can help you improve your credit scores, providing you pay your bill on time. Once you have kept your trade line account in good standing for a period of time youll have the satisfaction in knowing that you are taking the required steps to enhance your credit profile.

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